Things I Have Googled In Rehearsal Today:

-who the Maricopa County Medical examiner is (Dr Kevin Horn)
-where the swinger community is in the Phoenix area (Mesa and Chandler)
-what is on at 4pm on television (Maury)

And I’ve been in rehearsal for less than 2 hours.

My job is weird.

As a stage manager, I feel like the highest compliment you can give me is your trust.

Directors trust that I’m writing it all down, facilitating communication, coordinating the group and that once the show opens, that I will keep the show running as intended

Designers trust that I will keep them involved with the goings-on in rehearsal, that their artistic visions is upheld with every performance.

ASMs trust that I am delegating fairly, not going to overwhelm them with work, micromanage them or throw them under the bus.

Actors trust that I am advocating for their safety when they cannot, that I am preparing or overseeing the preparation of the rehearsal hall, dressing room, and stage so that they do not have to pull focus from their work to worry about a prop being tracked or a broken refrigerator in the green room.

Crew personnel and technicians trust that the paperwork and information I give them is accurate and correct, and that they will not be unfairly blamed for mistakes that are not their fault based on decisions and actions made from my paperwork.

I trust all of these different groups as well, and they all trust each other.
Trust makes good theatre happen.

Catching the cute actor in my cast doing push-ups in his underwear (which is his costume) backstage….#dayinthelife

Here’s the deal. Lost power during half hour before tech the last night. Transformer blew and get this, it was the electric company’s staff picnic and everyone was too drunk to drive the bucket truck. 45 minutes later we call off tech, everyone goes home.

Except me, my PM, my director, my ME and the Box Office manager.

We do a mini bar crawl in a nearby town.

Today, I’m leaving a stumble thru of the Oscar Wilde play early to prep for a truncated tech, 2 runs, break for dinner and then opening night.

We will do an hour long show 3 times in 8 hours.

Let’s go.

Not bringing snacks to rehearsal was a fatal error.

attention universe,

I got out of a 8:30a production meeting and 3 hours of morning rehearsal tomorrow, in exchange for monitoring the 2 hour R&J combat workshop in the evening.

So I get to sleep in, take a long shower AND watch cute actors kill each other with swords?

I’d like to thank God and also Jesus for this theatre miracle.

"Martha Graham" is a verb now.

the only thing worse than a 14 hour day,

Is knowing it’s the first of many.

I am so tired.

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My actors are talking about the urban legend about eating spiders in your sleep and I really want to tell them about Spiders Georg, who is an outlier adn should not have been counted.