Hey everybody! Something cool is gonna happen!

Hey all,

So recently the lovely and beautiful and smart thankyoufive mentioned to me how it would be cool to do a video of drunk stage managers hanging out, shooting the shit and answering questions. Since she, levianity and no-oath-no-spell  and I (the four of us have been following each other for approx 2-3 years, except when Alex was on hiatus for like EVER) live across the country and probs won’t be able to do a live in person hang out, we have decided to do a Google Hangout and stream/post it here (working out the specifics of that as well as date and time).

SO! If you have questions for us, hit up any of our inboxes. Be sure to mention in your question that is for the group so we know not to answer it ourselves beforehand. Questions can be about anything both related to stage management and not like: why we chose stage management, why we are working where we’re working, favorite president, which tv show is the reason for our tears, what we want to do in the next 5/10/15 years, etc. etc. No question too serious or silly.

This could be awesome and/or totally weird but damn it we will bring this career kicking and screaming into 21st century social media one way or another.

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Katie (and also Tiffany, Laurel, and Alex)

As a stage manager, I feel like the highest compliment you can give me is your trust.

Directors trust that I’m writing it all down, facilitating communication, coordinating the group and that once the show opens, that I will keep the show running as intended

Designers trust that I will keep them involved with the goings-on in rehearsal, that their artistic visions is upheld with every performance.

ASMs trust that I am delegating fairly, not going to overwhelm them with work, micromanage them or throw them under the bus.

Actors trust that I am advocating for their safety when they cannot, that I am preparing or overseeing the preparation of the rehearsal hall, dressing room, and stage so that they do not have to pull focus from their work to worry about a prop being tracked or a broken refrigerator in the green room.

Crew personnel and technicians trust that the paperwork and information I give them is accurate and correct, and that they will not be unfairly blamed for mistakes that are not their fault based on decisions and actions made from my paperwork.

I trust all of these different groups as well, and they all trust each other.
Trust makes good theatre happen.

So I realized I never actually said what I’m doing after my summer job in Maine is over.

I will be joining Phoenix Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona as a stage management intern for their 14-15 season!


Stage Managers of Tumblr!

Hey guys,

Another question for the rambling assortment of us who stage manage here:

How do you guys archive your books? (assuming you don’t have to give them to the company at the end of the show)

In the past I’ve simply taken the contents out of the binder in order, pulled out my cover sheet from the display pocket and dropped in in a hanging file folder in a plastic crate I have. However I’m discovering that the larger shows are too big for the folders and will often bend the metal hook or pull the folder down.

A stage manager I know recommended putting them in sturdy shipping envelopes and taping the cover sheet to the front, but then the question is what do I do with all these super heavy envelopes?

I’d prefer not to keep them in their binders as my preferred binders (Avery Heavy Duty 1-Touch D-Ring in Black, sizes vary) are on the expensive side and I like to get 2-4 shows out of a good binder before it’s totally trashed.

I’ve got a good 20 scripts sitting in various folders, boxes and binders in my apartment and the inconsistency of storage is making me a little crazy.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or insight, love you guys!

Hey, are you a working Equity stage manager?

If so and you’ve got 30-45 minutes of spare time in the next few weeks and would like to be interviewed about your career and other Equity-centric questions, PLEASE hit up my inbox with a quick blurb about yourself (where you work, how long you’ve been SMing, etc.).

I have to interview an Equity SM for class and if you’re cool with it, I’d also like to post the interview here.

Thank you!!


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I made this relationship chart today.
Study it well.
(obviously this is made in humor so no one get butthurt about it)

I made this relationship chart today.

Study it well.

(obviously this is made in humor so no one get butthurt about it)

hey stage managers/college people of tumblr plz advise,

Scenario: I’m applying for a (totally kick-ass) internship at a company that requires (among other things) letters of rec. The former head of my major/chair of design, tech, management in my department was an SM and PSM there back in the 90s. She was my teacher and advisor for 3 years, but has been gone for my last year. Is it still worth asking for a letter of rec from her? I’m guessing probably yes, as long as it’s paired with a more recent person, right?


Hey all, I’ve been revamping my website and would LOVE some feedback! Thank you!

theatre people, especially designers, technicians, managers, directors etc., especially high-school and college-aged people,

if there’s one thing I could impress on you more than anything else it’s this.




Also alway credit the photographer (if you know it), include the date, the piece, the author, the director, design team and production location.

Just make a folder on your computer and it put it all in there and just add to it. And back it up either to a cloud or an external hard drive.

Trust me on this, it will save you a butt-ton of time in the long run.

Old performance report excerpts yo!