Oh! Also! One of my actor friends here is in another acting company with the actress who plays Tamika Flynn on WTNV. He texted her telling her that he met a fan (because I was kind of super excited) and I guess it made her day.

Small world my friends, small world.

Our very cool LD here gave me some very cool plays to read and we had a very cool talk and she is very cool and everything is very cool.

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I think about WarHorse and handspring puppets a lot. I wish I could just play with Joey puppet and learn how to do the heart and just….gah.

I wish I could just see if I could be good at big puppets like that. I don’t know where to start.

fuck I gotta stop spending money.


i hate being an intern.

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I feel like I’m teetering on the edge of understanding something big and nameless.

I feel like I’m learning a new language, the new words are rough and clunky in my mouth.

I feel like I’m grasping for something just quite not out of reach.

I feel like I’m trying to answer the door in a big strange house.

i am a strong growing thing, growing out of spite and curiosity.

Bonding with company members about childhoods and creating a WarHorse team of hind, heart and head is a wonderful thing.

Dear National Theatre, please hire us.

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36 hours of beach life is amazing, as is 10 hours of tech directly after.

You should read that as:


I ran into the ocean at 4am in the fog, I played lots of beer pong, I had the stereotypical spring break experience crammed into 36 hours of amazing.

growing up is amaze.

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There is something incredibly powerful yet horribly tragic about being emotionally broken inside and coming to peace with it.

You cannot hurt me. You have no power here.

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A local street cat ran to ask for ear scratches outside the dinning room building and then tried to follow me inside.

Some have crazy cat lady thrust upon them.

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I got an email yesterday that my intern program for the season got new funding and they’re renovating the intern apartments and I am! So! Happy!

I plan on filling my room with little baby cacti and succulents and whatever else I can grow and make little terrariums.

This year is for ME, finally. And I shall fill my world with strong growing things.