Nothing makes me sad I’m not a kid anymore and excited to be a mom one day like Christmas music.

And no I’m not listening to Christmas music in August. Shut up.

If anyone is wondering,

I will be reading Donna/Josh fanfic tonight because I have 9000 feels about Sorkin Women and the men who love them.

Possible appearance by the first couple for the same reason.

Sometimes I honestly wonder if some of my actors are illiterate.


One of my actor friends was asking for help getting new audition monologues and I was struggling to come up with something because I don’t care about plays starring 30 year old white guys.

meeting was exiting and good. Next steps are big, but they’re clear.

show went well.

drinking a nice cold cider and the room is full of sunlight.

This is right.

Finished outlining Act 2.

meeting with my collaborator tomorrow morning.

good thing I’m not a big ball of hormones or anything.

A weirdly high number of my mutuals are going to college (for the first time?) this year. Good luck kids I love you be nice stay hydrated take good notes have fun let me know if you need anything be good.


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Here are things that are going to happen in a week:

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Look at this sweet little mutt I hung out with today.

Ah gotta love that ever 33 days my uterus tries to jump 2 feet to the left of my body.

super fun stuff.

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