I am either a) wildly out of shape or b) the 7 minute workout is widely effective.

A little of column A, a little of column B.

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Debating walking 15 minutes in 97 degree heat and back to get Starbucks.

And it’s only gonna get hotter.


I need Starbucks.

I need it.

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It’s 9pm and I’m already like, time for bed.

after a full day of doing nothing.

so yeah.

guysssss ask me stuffff I’m so borrreeeeeeed.

To everyone who followed me because of the text message post.


Tell your friends.

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Being well-hydrated really makes me feel like I have my life together.

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Any one of some cool 8tracks playlists they love? I keep listening to the same 10 over and over again.

Hit me up with suggestions!

woke up early (thanks time change!)

thought about how lovely a shower would be.

realized I haven’t gone shopping yet and don’t have any shampoo.

contemplate how clean I would get with a LUSH bath bomb.

gave up.

Hello from Phoenix!

Real post to follow.

Pizza needs to hurry up. I haven’t eaten since 11a EST.

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wow my ankles and feet are so itchy and i’ve got dozens of mosquito bites. Walking around barefoot at all those lake house parties was not a great idea.

I regret nothing though.

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