All the basic bitches are on that pumpkin spice life but I’m just waiting for Christmastime and gingerbread and peppermint everything.

Memphis act 1: white man solves racial tensions in southern city by popularizing black music with white people, except where they beat up the black woman he loves.

Memphis act 2: white man is slightly inconvenienced by other white men, uses that to rationalize totally jeopardizing his black girlfriend’s musical career until she leaves him. Get bitter that she no longer needs him. He fizzles out and she moves on. They sing together at her concert now that she’s famous.

Currently sitting in shopping carts in different tabs on my computer:

-5 candles from Bath and Body Works

-A bento lunchbox for meals

I’m trying to decide what I want more.

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Not in like a huge way or whatever.

But I miss my best friend.

He’s probably mad at me and ignoring me because I kept drunk texting him this summer at 3am after watching a lot of Cosmos. Lots of misspelled paragraphs about our cosmic insignificance.

Drunk me sucks.

person who asked me a question

i will get to it tomorrow.

my writing brain is broken.

nothing makes me want to hurl faster than having money problems.

So I finally jumped on the OITNB bandwagon and watched the whole first season today.

Would it be in poor taste to mail them the page in the dictionary where the term “bisexual” is defined, with that particular entry circled, starred and highlighted? They seem to not be familiar with the term.

Just spitballing here.

In Phoenix it is raining.
It is beautiful.
I ran outside to touch it.

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