My new favorite thing to do in my improv dance class is to quote Welcome to Night Vale and see what happens.

Today, a forest fire happened.

I need to stop getting tongue-tied over attractive actors who make intense eye contact.

It’s an occupation hazard.

Day trip up to Chicago to be Logistics/Emotional Support/Any Other Damn Thing You Might Need for the actors in my year, who are doing their Senior Showcase today!

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I’m not crying at the end of A League Of Their Own. Shut up. You’re crying.

There’s no crying in baseball.

Ok but now I’m thinking about how to do a stage A League Of Their Own and honestly the biggest problem I see right now is the throwing/hitting…I mean, throw the actresses in a spring training boot camp for a bit and that will help, but stray balls make me nervous.

And you can’t do the pantomiming or slowmo stuff like in Ragtime or Damn Yankees…this is a show ABOUT baseball.


I want to be any character Geena Davis has played when I grow up.

Am I an idiot or are pregnancy tests usually more than 99 cents? What the fuck Parks and Rec?

The best part about being an adult is being, “fuck it, it’s a warm Sunday evening, I need a cold cider” and being able to do that because you own alcohol and you know how to manage your consumption like a grown ass person.

Also because you don’t have any classes tomorrow and can work through any hangover you get on the car ride up to Chicago.

fuck yeah.

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John Mulaney is a total cutie baby and damn I’d fuck that.

fuck I’m listening to this podcast about ADHD in girls and women and I’ve always kind of thought I have/had it (my dad does, my brothers both do, other family members have exhibited ADHD symptoms), but like, this podcast is talking about how it presents slightly different in girls and like, every statement I think describes me, and how untreated girls grow up to have low self-esteem and depression and shit and I’m like, fuck that kinda makes sense.


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