really love his version!!

“I was so unsure where you’re going almost every note, and every note I was like ‘thank God, thank God’ because we don’t wanna be a damn karaoke show” - Ryan Murphy


Proud of my boy.

Miss him in my life. Hope he comes back to Urbana soon.

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Charlie Lubeck being, well, Charlie, and then killing a Jason Robert Brown song. I love this kid! He’s great!

Interesting fact: this was filmed at the apartment my best friend, boyfriend at the time and other friend lived in.

And now this meatball is on television. I’m so proud of him.

Watching the first episode of The Glee Project.

I’m not a Glee fan.

But I am SO PROUD of Charlie.

He deserves all the good coming to him.

UIUC Theatre Department represent!

Chuck is the sweetest, goofiest, most genuine kid.

I’ll be watching for him, because damn I miss hanging out with him.